Frequently Asked Questions

Superior Artificial Turf Supplies can customise any products with any specs.

Minimum order quantity may apply.

Yes artificial grass has environmental benefits. This includes a reduction in water consumption, pesticides and noxious emissions (i.e. gas-powered mower), having artificial grass is more eco-friendly option.

Although generally certified manufacturer do not provide a guarantee more than 8 years, high quality artificial grass can last between 10-15 years, depending on the climate and wear & tear.

Rinse with fresh water – Most artificial grass is made from polyethylene and will not absorb stains.

Vinegar is also recommended to remove tough dirt on artificial grass.

Do not use any harsh acids, chemical cleaners or bore water.

To deodorise, if washing isn’t working well, you can try the special infill for pet toilet such as Zeolite infill.

Driving on artificial grass is not recommended. When the wheels turn it catches and damages the grass.

Don’t just look at the surface of the grass, check the backing material for toughness and drainage holes.

Check the density and detex of each grass – higher is better quality, better performance.

Check whether the grass has been tested.

Yes. There are a number of different applications for artificial grass such as the rooftop, balconies and cruise ships

Cracker dust /blue metal sand that is compacted on the levelled surface

Typically the steps followed are:

  1. Earth preparation such as clean up, removing soil, existing materials and cap the irrigation pipes
  2. Dig out 800mm of soil and level it out
  3. Lay the cracker dust to prepare the base. Compact and tamp the entire area to make a solid base.
  4. Installing the artificial grass. Cut to custom fit and joint as necessary. Use pins and pegs to tuck them in or joint them.
  5. Install infill sands over the artificial grass. Use a broom or power brush to shake the sand into the yarns to hold the blades upright and provide the grass with more weight.
  6. Final brushing
It’s really depending on the quality and the pile height. Around $30 per sqm may be the median price.

Generally no. Most weeds do not penetrate artificial grass backing, particularly if the weed barrier cloth is installed before installation. However, weeds grow around edges particularly in winter.

Superior Artificial Turf Supplies can customise any products with any specs.

Minimum order quantity may apply.